Since early the 90s, China’s economy has been growing in the double digits annually. China is no longer just an exporter, it is also one of the world’s most important and largest consumer bases. Understanding the Chinese market is just as important as understanding how the Chinese do business.

We are here to help you and your company understand Chinese business culture and landscape and explore business opportunities. Our travel concierges not only provides you with travel related assistance, they are experienced business professionals who can provide you with cultural insights, nuances and advice.

The official spoken language in China is Mandarin Chinese. Although English is gaining popularity, the majority of the population speaks little to no English. Our travel concierges are here to help you communicate 24/7.

You can always mix leisure with business. Customize your business travel with visits to local attractions and destinations.

Business Travel Concierge Rate:

  • $55.00 CAD per hour + GST
  • $2000.00 CAD per week + GST (Weekly rate based on 40 hour working week)
  • Travel, incidentals and meals NOT included
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