"I love travelling with Faye as she always finds the best food. You can completely trust what she is ordering even if you cannot understand a word of the menu. This is important in China because by randomly pointing at the menu or trying to decipher the photos you might accidently order something unexpected. Faye is also very good to have on your side if you need to bargain, long after I have given up she is willing to negotiate to get an extra dollar off the silk pajamas, colourful scarf or snake wine you really want. Finally, travelling with Faye is always fun and never boring, which is important when you have to wait several hours for a connecting flight." - Kat (Nairobi, Kenya)

"Listening and empathising to everyone's needs- the first and most basic thing which puts one above all. Beside bringing the group to remote and amazing spots we could never have gone ourselves, Faye has stretched beyond the call of duty to even resolving tensions. The trip to China would not have been memorable if not for Faye seeing to even the nitty gritty details and addressing everyone's needs. Being in China the first time, the moment we landed on China's soil, our hearts were already bursting out like kids wanting to feel and touch every corner deserved to be explored. Yet Faye had seen to it time and again to ensure we have lived beyond our expectations. It's hard to say which is the best segment of China we had visited as every part is unique and special" - Sandy (Singapore)

"I have travelled with Faye all around the world and on several extended trips across exotic lands. Faye has always done an exemplary job of both arranging the detailed itineraries and helping illustrate the historical and contemporary context of the many interesting things we have seen and visited. She brings a rare breadth of maturity and experience and knows just how to tailor her services to meet the needs of a most discerning clientele. She efficiently organizes all the details and aims to maximize flexibility to make sure we use limited time to good effect. She is also an expert at recommending the attractions to visit, the hotels to stay in and the restaurants to experience. Faye's great sense of humour and energetic personality make each day unique and fun. Her services are second to none and the way to go if you want to discover the world of travel, learn about global cultures, explore new worlds and experience great new adventures hassle free. Faye is an accomplished and experienced guide and I highly recommend her services." - Michelle (Ottawa, Canada)

"Faye's middle name should be Organized! I've worked on projects with Faye and find that she's very creative, not only in her ideas but also her solutions. I've traveled with Faye as well and she's a great planner. She is very detailed oriented and well organized. It was great being in China with Faye since she can give you the local's tour. Faye is very adventurous and always up for trying new things. You won't miss out on anything if you're traveling with Faye!" - Johainah (Vancouver, Canada)